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Using Llama 3 to Control Home Assistant

Written by: Fixt
Cool Llama Controlling Smart Home

Hardware Requirements

GPU only8 GB8 GB
CPU only-16 GB

Install Llama 3 in Ollama

ollama run llama3

Llama Conversation Integration

By acon96

Install Integration

Open your Home Assistant instance and open a repository inside the Home Assistant Community Store.


Open your Home Assistant and show de integration menu

My Prompt Template

Open your Home Assistant instance and show an integration.
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Configure Assistant

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your voice assistants.

Use it with OpenRouter

The change has been added to the Integration's last version, so you can now use it with OpenRouter, just leave the port field empty.

Open Router API Base URL


Llama 3 8B (free)


You cand find my Open Router Tutorial here

Don’t forget to review the Privacy Settings of your OpenRouter account. You can find them here

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