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Ultimate ESPHome DIY Smart Sensor

Written by: Fixt
mmWave Sensor
Side a
Side b

HLK-LD2450 Presence Sensor

BH1750 Light Sensor

AHT20 BMP280 Temperature Humidity and Pressure Sensor


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BH1750 Sensor
AHT20_BMP28 Sensor
Dupont cable
Termoretractil Heat shrink tube

fixtSE DIY Sensor Case

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How to wire it up

Wire Up
ESP32 BoardBH1750AHT20 BMP280

ESPHome Firmware

Updated firmware to ESPHome 2024.6.3 version

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The only difference between the two firmwares is the Bluetooth Proxy. If you don't need it, you can use the firmware without it.
You can find the documentation here
Bluetooth proxy could be an expensive task, if you experience any issues, try the firmware without it.

YAML Files

Updated to support ESPHome 2024.6 new syntaxt

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